Delonghi EC680 Dedica Review

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You won’t find many espresso makers that look better than what De’Longhi has managed to put together with the pristine EC680 Dedica. So, as you already may have guessed, it’s Delonghi EC680 Dedica review.

With a long history in the espresso making market De’Longhi combines solid engineering with the practical necessities to attempt to bring professional quality espressos to your household. Boasting an ability to manual froth your milk with a sleek build and some pretty clever additions this machine is full of surprises, especially when you consider its compact frame.

With a price hovering right around the $200 range does it deliver the total package you need to leave you satisfied at money well spent? It won’t break any records when it comes to the industry, but overall it might just be the perfect way to add a bit more delicious to the space around your dishes.

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Anyone who doesn’t look for a tasty cup of coffee when they wake up is in the fortunate minority, however most normal people won’t find it hard to spot their espresso maker when it stands out like this. Primarily made of stainless steel this espresso machine might be confused with a high end scientific microscope, and the brew it produces might be considered a monument of science as well. While you don’t usually see the looks and the substance together often to make that full package De’Longhi is interested in changing your opinion for good (have a look here or here).

At just 6 inches wide this machine should fit perfectly well into pretty much any kitchen space with a slim design that puts it towards the smaller size even amongst many machines with a lower price point. Despite its slimness the water tank on the back is a respectable size so you should be able to create multiple espressos at a time without too much fuss. Keeping up with the extra functionality you didn’t quite expect, the bottom section is removable allowing for the creation of larger brews which goes hand in hand with the generous water tank.

Delonghi EC680 Dedica: Time and Pressure

Another impressive ability of this machine is its ability to heat up extremely quickly reaching brewing temperatures in under a minute. An aluminum thermoblock boiler with a stainless steel water coil helps to replicate that efficiency. As far as the pressure goes this machine reaches up to 15 bar making it perfectly adequate for its price range, but still not quite that 19 bar that the bean aficionados might die on a hill for. Even still it the EC680M is a surprisingly dynamic espresso maker with the capability of making single shots, double shots, cappuccinos, lattes, and it can even work with coffee pods so you can decide between grounds and pods.

The manual frothing wand is a nice touch that really adds to the customizability of your drinks, just make sure you let the frother expunge its last bit of water onto a dish cloth before you start steaming to avoid any unwanted extra flavor. You can also make the frothing nozzle just deposit water if you’re looking to make tea or hot chocolate as well. As far as features go you can find a cup warmer on the top to get that next cup ready to go which definitely adds to the experience.

A standby mode allows its to save some power when it isn’t in use. Take good care of it and you can expect a good espresso once you get your configurations down. The descaling process for this machine is relatively simple and shouldn’t be need too often depending on your water quality.

Ease of Use

With only three buttons you aren’t going to need a degree in rocket science to get a handle on this machines functions, though who can complain about knowledge of thermodynamics? Regardless with a combination of the speedy heating time and the simplistic interface it won’t be long before you’re brewing on the go with a cup ready in a couple minutes. The standby mode also helps here allowing you to be lackadaisical without paying the price.

Switch it on, put in the pod or espresso, then press the button to choose the power and you’re on the way. The only part you’ll have to tinker with is how you make use of the milk frother.

Pro’s and Con’s


  • Simple to operate
  • Quite when used


  • Heavy vibration when used

Delonghi EC680 Dedica Manual

  • Delonghi EC680 Dedica


With a stainless steel build, a sweet design, and a price sitting around the 200 mark the De’Longhi EC680 is quite impressive from afar and up close. The final product produced should be pretty good every time as long as you keep the machine in good condition.

De’Longhi customer support has mixed reviews, but with a little luck there shouldn’t be too much to complain about. When you go down the checklist for comparably priced competition this machine fits right in to compete with the best of them. It doesn’t quite do anything on the next level, but it functions perfectly well for what is advertised.