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In the vast world of automated espresso makers you won’t find many that will produce the level of quality and automation that a Krups EA9010 can provide. Of course with that high quality comes a high price tag that’ll put it out of the range of many consumers. However if you are able to find it around the $1,500 mark you’re definitely getting what you pay for and possibly more thanks to this machine capabilities.

If you are looking for the ability to twist and turn different combinations of pressure and temperature to create your own custom blends this is definitely not the machine for you. If however your idea of making an espresso involves tapping a couple of buttons to create a vast assortment of delicious drinks you’ll certainly want to take a look.

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Perhaps the most surprising factor with these machines higher price tag is its inconspicuous nature when it comes to the looks of this espresso maker. You won’t find the sleek chrome finish, glossy intricate designs, or clever flares that you’d expect to see with a higher end model. Instead you’ll be greeted with a relatively ordinary looking machine that effectively hides the power beneath the surface. You’ll just have to tell people taste it before you judge because from the outside the price of this machine is unpredictable.

With only three physical controls you should soon start to see a rather brilliant interior. There’s a power button, the button to open the metal flap in the cup warmer to deposit pre ground coffee, and finally the LCD touch screen. Behind the cup warmer you can find a lid that leads to the burr grinder for using fresh ground beans. The burr grinder is a nice addition that avoids the choppy grinds of some others by creating uniform size grinds.

Behind doors on the front of the machine you can find a container for spent coffee grounds making for easy removal. The other door hides the 57 ounce(1.7 L) water reservoir which is a pretty nice size for an espresso machine that isn’t too large. As far as the coffee production goes you will be able to make use of a double nozzle setup to make multiple drinks at once, or double shots that is also adjustable rising up to around 5 inches(130mm).

Two drip trays are easily removable for cleaning and you will also find a plastic tube for cleaning the frothing wand on the side. No for the good part, after testing your water hardness with a test contained your coffee machine will calibrate its settings to the appropriate level and you are on your way.

Without a doubt the most impressive part of this machine is its deep selection of drinks you’ll be able to choose from. Classics like espresso, coffee, and cappuccino are just the start as you’ll find a “Black Specials” menu with options like the lungo, doppio, or americano. There’s also a “White Special” menu where you’ll find stuff like flat whites, and cafe au lait along with the ability to make hot water or tea and save favorites.

The automation is absolutely insane as well as this machine does each step on its own so you’ll barely have to do more than add the beans and milk. It even automatically cleans though that contributes to frequent trips to empty the drip trays. Everything else aside taste is king especially with its price and that is an area where this espresso maker totally delivers. Regardless of the bean quality you can expect flavorful cups with impressive results for every option this machine offers. Even professional baristas will have a hard time telling the difference between this machine and a pro.

Ease of Use

There’s not too much to say here as automation is definitely one of the best parts of this model. After testing for water hardness outside of a deep clean every few months you can expect a reliable easy to use machine at the touch of a few buttons. With a relatively large water reservoir and the self cleaning though you will have to empty the drip trays often if you’re using this machine frequently.

Pro’s and Con’s


  • Fully Automatic
  • Easy to use


  • Slow – constant maintenance cycle, rinse the wand, etc

KRUPS EA9010 Manual

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The Krups EA 9010 could be for everyone in a distant future where our lives resemble what you might see on a sci fi television show. However for the current reality the priceline of this model could be a bit steep to stomach.

That being said, who doesn’t want a space age machine capable of creating a wide assortment of delicious drinks with a couple button touches? Perhaps someone who wants to put a bit of effort into the cup to make less drinks with a lot more flexibility? The Krups EA9010 simply isn’t for everyone, but for what it is you really couldn’t ask for much more.