Miele CM 5300 Review

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With a petite build and a level of class that rises past its outward appeal and into its inner functionality the Miele CM5300 is built to bring a convenient experience to your morning routine. With many presets to choose from for simple touch button creations just about everything is ready for you with a price to match.

If you’re serious about an easy and delicious espresso from your coffee machine this one might be worth the reach. From cleaning to brewing, and even grinding almost everything is automated. With its size though it does miss out on a few features that be more preferred. It doesn’t have everything, but for many the ease and visual appeal could make it more than enough.

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Available in black or graphite grey Miele has created a succinct machine with the capabilities to make a terrific cup, or even two at once! The entry level product of this Swiss company presents many interesting features to make your coffee experience as smooth as possible.

The first thing you will notice about this machine is its small size at just over 9 inches it should fit easily onto any countertop. The design doesn’t exactly draw the eye but the rounded edges and matte gloss finish allow it to blend in while still looking classy. There are absolutely no wasted motions though in this machines construction as it is nothing if not elegant and even though it isn’t wide it does have considerable depth.

With two spouts its is able to make two servings at once of the same drink with a few touches of the touch sensor panel. If you’re worried about cleaning that’s one of the areas where this espresso maker excels.

Self rinsing capabilities help to make everything really smooth with only a refill of water necessary. Automated instructions appear whenever any type of maintenance is needed so there’s another hassle made easy. For many a crucial point of this machine will be its variety of presets you can reach from the touch panel including coffee latte, long coffee, ristretto, hot water, hot milk, and milk froth.

Sadly you won’t find a built in preset for making an Americano so you’ll have to figure one out yourself through the settings. You can save multiple presets of your own so you have some space to be creative. The nozzle head has the ability to adjust its height a bit to fit multiple sizes of cups and mugs but don’t expect to be able to fill up any of the larger canisters without getting creative. As far as frothing goes you might expect a better quality of froth for the price your paying as the result will often be more foamy than silky.

A flexible milk tube acts as the frother, but you might need to purchase a milk flask. With its size there’s only enough space for a 1.3 litre water reservoir though it is easily accessed as it can be removed from the back or side. It is also easy to carry though with the self cleaning and limited capacity if you are in a household with more than a couple coffee drinkers you might find yourself refilling it quite often. As you would expect this machine has a bean grinder which can be found on the top right and holds just around your average bag of beans.

A dial allows you to adjust for different levels of coarseness. With all its features you can expect a delicious espresso with thick cream and a rich taste. Very comparable to what you could find at your local shop as long as it isn’t a drink reliant on the frother. The taste is great if consistently glossy latte isn’t as necessary.

Ease of Use

This is definitely one of the highlights of this machine as you won’t find many more responsive machines on the market, however we know even more expensive model on the market. Maintenance options pop up for you right on time to take care of them and they are either automated or just require a change in water for the most part.

Miele has also managed to create a relatively resilient machine that should do well against the test of time. The hardest part of this machine is probably refilling the water.

Pro’s and Con’s


  • Make up to 8 cups of coffee at a time


  • Uses a lot of water

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  • Miele CM 5300


The Miele CM5300 isn’t exactly the cheapest espresso machine on the market, but it does have some pretty nice capabilities that make its higher price tag understandable.

Capable of doing just about everything you would expect from a luxury espresso maker and often in an animated fashion the issues really come down to its major sticking points. Is it too small, too pricey, or do you want the perfect Americano? An answer of yes to any of these might make you move along however Miele has managed a nice enough package that still they might not.